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Welcome to Environmental & Ecological Complex Systems Lab (EECOS)!
Our lab aims to build a sustainable society and environment primarily by analyzing and improving the resilience of engineered and coupled systems. To this end, we utilize socio-ecological resilience theory, complex network theory, and stochastic modeling approach to create systems, ranging from urban infrastructures to natural environments, that can cope with various types of perturbations.

"EECOS Lab is seeking new, motivated MS/Ph.D students who will work on research topics such as, but not limited to, resilience engineering, water distribution and drainage networks, urban water management sustainability"

​공지사항 / Announcement

2021 전기 대학원 신입생 모집

(2021 Spring Graduate Admission) 

​인터넷 원서접수(Online Application Period) : 2020.09.28.(Mon) ~  10.12.(Mon)  24:00

제출 서류 접수 (Offline document submission) : 2020.09.28(Mon) ~  10.13.(Tue) 16:00

※ 연구실 관련 문의 메일 

 (Mail address for inquiries of laboratory): jeryang@hongik.ac.kr 


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